"Hallo northern sky" screen shots part 1

Here are some screen shots of the HNSKY program:

New horizon:

        Earth view

Access to wide field Sky (low resolution) survey of Axel Mellinger via Skyview.  From the pop-up menu select "Get DSS image from internet",  "Skyview" for downloading wide field FITS files.  If you select a field larger the 3.5 degrees height it will select the Mellinger survey. Default is the MELL-R (red) of the survey. For better quality add &sampler=Lanczos to the Skyview instruction in settings.

Orthographic projection :

Jupiter at 2015, 6:35 UTC (HNSKY version 3.0.0a):
Jupiter at
        2015-1-24, shadows of Io, europa.

M20 using the provided FITS images (HNSKY version 2.2.2):





M81 and M82 galaxy using GSC CD-rom database and provided FITS images:

Orion constellation using the GSC CD-rom database and provided FITS images:


Screen shot in night vision mode showing Orion:

Screen shot in night vision mode showing object menu:

Saturn in occultation with the moon:

Jupiter with his four moons:

3Juno asteroid in telescope image and in planetarium program using Nomad star database:

1999 eclipse in Europe:


An example of the new win95 hints to label direct stars and any other object near the cursor. NGC869 &NGC884 using the GSC CD-ROM star database:

gsc_n869.gif. Double cluster
          using GSC CD-ROM

Uranus and it's moons:

Screen shot showing movement of comet and asteroids over 60 days:

The new menus for version 2.2.0:

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