"Language modules for the HNSKY program"

1) The menu language files are simple INI files supplied with the program. The are editable in Notepad, Wordpad or any word processor. Each text has a label. For any any new language use the English file (english.ini) and translate the text behind the labels.  Just put them in the same directory as HNSKY.EXE and select the language in the SETTINGS menu (cntrl-E)

2) The HELP file is written in HTML and located in .\help\uk\hnsky.htm and currently  available in English and Spanish. Navigation is done with HTML anchors. For any new help file translation, use this HTML file.  Some obsolete tranlations are still available: Catalan, Italian, Romanian, Korean,  Volunteers to update or create new translations are welcome. 

Some screenshots:

Using Russian TTF font:


Japanese screen shot:
japanese screen shot

Korean screen shot:
Korean screen shot

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